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In 2021, despite all, we are once more opening our training seminars, now renewed, extended, radicalized.

FNOBA presents Atlanticx: Composition Course Latin America, a new, comprehensive course for composers including workshops, seminars, premieres and readings, and that comprises the fourth edition of Winter School, a trans-disciplinary collaborative residency based in New York. The course will take place in a hybrid way (part on-line, part in-person in NY) and will occur between august 2021 and february 2022.

The call for latinamerican composers, up to 40 years of age, is open until July 15th. Apply now to our scholarship program.

All the information available at www.atlanticx.org 


New Opera? Interdisciplinary work? Contemporary musical theater? Post-lyrical? Inclusive opera?

A biennial festival dedicated to the new aesthetics of opera as well as to master classes and professional development. FNOBA crosses the borders to create new spaces for opera throughout the city, also expanding audiences and the visibility of works and ideas by young artists.

We present the most outstanding works created by the scholars and professors of our training seminar called Winter School (Escuela de invierno) as well as main works by the most radical creators of the genre.

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FNOBA seeks to expand the scope of its programs. More sponsors, partners, and patrons mean more scholarships, residencies, and premieres for more young artists.

If you want to join us, or you need more information, please contact us.

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