Los sueños de la materia


Los sueños de la materia (The Dreams of Matter) is a project under development within the context of the Residence for Creation from the Williams Foundation. For “Materiales 2020” we propose a tour around what could be considered a dream about the work, in a navigable three-dimensional environment (a landscape imagined by a machine). Fantasy does not exist here. Matter unfolds between patterns and faults, in the manner of the archetypes of a 3D printer, a DNA sequence or the figures of a popular tale passed down from generation to generation. Thought and matter reproduce in the same way, giving each other infinite existence. We pry into the mental intimacy of a device that makes devices that makes devices (ad infinitum). In wakefulness and torpor, infinity is the only one of the anguishes that generates expectation.


Juan Cruz Forgnone

He has a degree in Stage Direction from the National University of the Arts and a degree in Opera Stage Direction from the Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón. He was distinguished with the María Guerrero Award in the category Revelation for the show Peer Gynt (2016) and nominated in the short list of the Trinidad Guevara Awards in the same category for El canto invisible (2017), a winning show at the 2017 Biennial of Young Art In turn, he works in the field of theoretical research.

Sebastián Verea

Composer and transdisciplinary artist. His production and research focus on the dialogue of art with science and technology. He is co-founder of the Center for Art and Science and directs the Expanded Music postgraduate course at the Mauricio Kagel Institute of Arts of the National University of San Martín. He composed more than twenty original works for theater and dance, music for small ensembles, and solo sets.