MadreÁmbar is a chamber opera for video developed by Juliana Iriart (visual design) and Sebastián Zubieta (composer). The text is taken from an anonymous medieval story of chivalry written in langue d’oïl, an antique Romance language whose similarities and differences with modern languages cover the tale with the beautiful mysterious halo of its sound. The action, depicted by moving images within a virtual setting (specifically-developed for this production) is carried out by characters born as digitally colored drawings originally done in black ink, a minimum expression of agency and feeling. The music, intentionally written before the selection of the text, distributes a melody between four singers, accompanied by a viola and brief vibraphone and harp interventions. The images, sometimes three-dimensional, accompany what is sung and, rather than represent the form of what is sung and told, create an image of what the listener feels.

With Amber Evans, Sarah Brailey, Kirsten Sollek, Thomas McCargar, voices; Stephanie Griffin, viola; Nuiko Wadden, harp; Russell Greenberg, vibraphone. Edited by SZ, mixed by Bill Siegmund, Digital Island Studios. Subtitles: Miguel Garutti.


Juliana iriart

In 1999 she graduated from the Superior School of Visual Arts M Malharro de Mar del Plata. He completed the Trama 2000 Work Analysis Grant, Bs As. Work Clinic with Pablo Siquier in 2002/3. In 2006 he participated in Intercampos at Fundación Telefónica. In 2008 Mónica Girón analysis workshop. Between 2009/10 she was a CIA fellow. Winter School of Contemporary Opera of the Wiliams Foundation 2019, Buenos Aires. Between 2006/19 I participated in awards, individual and group exhibitions in institutions and galleries at a national and international level.

sz - foto por Suzanne Farrin

Sebastián Zubieta

Musical Director at Americas Society in New York since 2005 and director of the Meridionalis ensemble. Sebastián directed opera at the Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón and premiered numerous works in NY and Latin America. He presented musicological works on baroque music and artistic politics at various conferences, including LASA, SAM, and ISM. He was a  composition professor, music appreciation and music analysis at Yale and the National University of La Plata. His compositions have been released in the US, Europe, Korea and Latin America.